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Select from these fabrics where your design contains sublimation.

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Glitter Mesh*

Aurora Mesh*

 Fabric Info​

* Effects fabrics such as Mystiques, Glitter Mesh and other fabrics with sparkle, are very appealing; however, they have limited durability. These fabrics will gradually dull with repeated wear and washing. For best results, follow our washing and care instructions.


* Delicate fabrics such as mesh can easily rip or snag. Please wear, wash and handle mesh with extreme care. If a rip or run does occur, please contact us as soon as possible. DNA can make repairs; however the customer will be responsible for the cost.


  *Sublimation is a fabric printing process capable of creating amazingly vivid, sharp and full color fabric prints. Because the color is printed into the fabric, normal wear and tear such as snags may be more visible on the fabric. 


When combining white or light colored fabric with a dark color fabric, color bleeding may occur. If you choose to combine these color fabrics, it is at your own risk. DNA will not be responsible for replacing your apparel if color bleeding occurs.. To help prevent color transference, use clear deodorants (alcohol and aluminum chlorohydrate free), and follow washing instructions. We cannot guarantee that following these instructions will prevent your apparel from bleeding.


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