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Ellie Black Signature Luxe Leotard- Evolution

"Evolution" holds deep significance for both Canadian gymnastics champion, Ellie Black and DNA Performance Wear. Together, we've brought back Ellie's iconic DNA leotard, first worn in 2012 when she earned her place on the Canadian Olympic team. This revival pays homage to Ellie's journey and symbolizes the growth and evolution of both Ellie and DNA Performance Wear.


As Ellie's career continues to inspire generations of gymnasts, Evolution stands as a tribute to her enduring legacy. With each wear, gymnasts become part of this legacy, carrying forward Ellie's dedication to excellence and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the sport. Evolution isn't just about progress; it's about embracing every twist, turn, and leap along the way.


Evolution features a sublimated matte front with a black lycra back and binding. AB rhinestones on the front, and comes complete with a rainbow sublimated scrunchie.

Ellie Black Signature Luxe Leotard- Evolution

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