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Behind the Name

Welcome to DNA Performance Wear! We are a family owned and operated manufacturer of gymnastics apparel based in Saskatoon SK, Canada. DNA stands for the mother- daughter duo of Diane and Ariel who own and operate the company together. Diane started out as a parent who loved to sew. With three kids in competitive gymnastics, she wanted to provide her children with quality garments that were made to stay in place! From this, the word spread about her "wedgie free" leotards and "Di's Designs" went into business. After Ariel's long career as a national level gymnast, and coach, she joined the team and we became "DNA"! As our passion is gymnastics like it is for our customers, we know that gymnastics is not just a sport, it’s a way of life, gymnastics is in our DNA!


As the leading Canadian Manufacturer of gymnastics leotards and apparel, we are always pushing the boundaries. Using top of the line materials and technologies to bring you fashion forward designs unique to our DNA.


Each of our garments are hand crafted in our workshop located in Saskatoon SK, Canada. From concept to creation, each step required to bring our designs to life is completed by our team of talented designers, graphic artists and garment technicians.


Not only are we committed to providing unique, trendy and colorful garments, we offer the best fit possible. Years of testing and improving has led us to garments that are flattering for every gymnast with sufficient length and coverage. We strive to instill confidence in all athletes with our garments by providing a distraction free fit.


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